Timber Flooring Sunshine Coast

Gowan Lea Timbers is your one-stop shop for superior quality timber supplies and timber flooring in Sunshine Coast QLD.

Timber Flooring Sunshine Coast

Elevate Your Space with Timber Flooring

Are you looking to add a touch of class to your space? Perhaps you are looking for a flooring solution that is easy to clean and simple to maintain? Look no further. Gowan Lea Timbers are proud to offer an extensive selection of timber flooring supplies that combine both form and function.

With a commitment to quality, we source only the best timbers to offer you a selection that is meticulously vetted for its superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our goal is to provide you with not just a floor but high-quality timber products at the most competitive prices.

Ready to elevate your space with the perfect blend of style and functionality? Get in touch with the team today and discover the beauty of Sunshine Coast timber flooring!

Flooring Timber For Every Need

Discover Our Timber Flooring Range

Explore a selection that includes a variety of solid timber flooring species and sizes. From the rich tones of Spotted Gum to the classic appeal of Pine and the exotic allure of Merbau, our extensive range ensures that you find the perfect match for your style and taste!

We also offer an extensive engineered wooden flooring selection, offering the same aesthetic charm and durability as traditional hardwood but at a more affordable price point. It’s the perfect solution for those who appreciate quality and style without breaking the bank!

Our range of Sunshine Coast timber products include:

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Why Choose Gowan Lea Timbers?

At Gowan Lea Timbers, we recognise that selecting the perfect timber flooring for your project can be a challenge! That’s why we’re here to make the journey seamless and stress free!

Locally based on the Sunshine Coast, our team brings a wealth of experience in the timber industry allowing us to help you turn your vision into a reality! We work with you to offer personalised advice tailored to your specific flooring project. 

As certified timber suppliers, we are committed to not only high-quality flooring but products that are responsibly sourced and environmentally sustainable. This means that you can do your part for a greener future!

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Quality Timber Flooring Sunshine Coast

Discover the Durability & Beauty of Timber Flooring

The Sunshine Coast has used timber and timber flooring materials for many years. It is one of the few construction materials that offers a wealth of benefits and advantage. These include:

Easy To Maintain:

Enjoy the simplicity of maintaining a pristine floor with timber flooring. Unlike other materials, timber floors do not accumulate excessive dirt, dust, or clutter, making your cleaning routine a breeze. A regular schedule of vacuuming, mopping, and ensuring the floor stays dry is all it takes to keep your timber floors looking their best.

Timeless Aesthetic:

Elevate your space with the timeless and elegant charm of timber flooring. Beyond providing visual warmth, timber floors have the unique ability to open up a space sense of space, creating an inviting and open atmosphere. Unlike other flooring options that may lose their luster over time, well-maintained timber floors retain their beauty, ensuring that they look as stunning as the day they were installed.


Indulge in the luxury of choice with our wide variety of timber flooring options. From diverse species and grains to an array of colours, styles, and stains, our collection caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for a classic, rustic look or a modern, sleek aesthetic, there’s a timber flooring option that perfectly aligns with your unique style.

Strength and Durability:

Invest in the longevity of your floors with high-quality timber. When treated, timber flooring boasts remarkable strength and durability, that can stand the test of time. This makes it a resilient and popular choice for high traffic areas and spaces that see heavy use.

Long Term Investment:

While the initial cost of timber flooring may be an investment, it’s one that pays off in the long run. Enhance the value of your property with timber floors, as they not only contribute to a timeless aesthetic but also offer durability and longevity. Choosing timber flooring is a wise and enduring investment that adds both beauty and value to your home or business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at Gowan Lea Timbers, we are committed to sustainability. Our selection is responsibly sourced, ensuring that our timber supplies are environmentally friendly. We prioritise the use of renewable resources, contributing to a greener and more sustainable approach to timber flooring.

Quality engineered timber flooring is a versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardwood floors. It is composed of layers of real wood veneer on top of high-quality plywood, providing the authentic look and feel of hardwood. Engineered timber flooring is designed to offer enhanced stability, making it suitable for installation in areas with high moisture environments.

The choice between traditional timber flooring and engineered timber flooring depends on your specific project requirements. Traditional timber offers a classic and authentic look, while engineered timber flooring is engineered for enhanced durability and resistance to moisture. If you are unsure about what you need, we can help guide you based on your preferences, budget, and the conditions of your space.

Finding the right timber flooring involves considering factors such as the desired aesthetic, the level of foot traffic in the space, and your budget. Our team at Gowan Lea Timbers is here to assist you. We offer personalised advice, taking into account your project’s specific needs to help you make an informed decision.

Protecting timber from pests and decay is essential to ensure its longevity. Proper timber treatment, such as applying preservatives, can safeguard against insect infestation and fungal decay. Assitionally, regular maintenance, including sealing, staining, or painting, creates a protective barrier and enhances timber’s durability. If you are looking for additonal advice, our team can provide expert advice on timber protection methods suitable for your timber materials. 

While traditional timber flooring is not recommended for outdoor use due to exposure to the elements, there are specially designed outdoor timber options available. For more details on outdoor timber applications, feel free to contact us for expert advice tailored to your project.

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