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External Cladding

Nothing adds instant warmth, charm and beauty to a structure like premium quality external cladding. With a range of colours, textures and finishes timber cladding seamlessly blends and compliments a range of building styles and aesthetics.

External Cladding is a building system used to add an extra layer of building materials, such as timber, to the outside of a structure. This technique provides no structural value but is often used as an aesthetic finish to a construction project. In addition to the style, it gives a structure, external cladding helps to protect exterior walls and roofs from moisture, mould and stains while providing an extra layer of insulation and noise protection. 

At Gowan Lea Timbers, we stock nothing but the best cladding and timber products, from Accoya and Ironbark to Certified timber and Composite decking materials. Our selection is vast, ensuring you find the right cladding material for your needs.

What Cladding Do I Need?

The timber and construction industry is constantly developing and evolving. With the number of cladding options available it can be difficult to determine what material is best for your project.

Traditional timber is a common material in external cladding projects and is used for its natural warmth and beauty. Although timber cladding is seen as an affordable solution, natural timber is still hard wearing and durable. With a regular maintenance routine, timber cladding can last for many years while still looking as good as the day it was installed. 

When compared to other cladding materials, timber proves to be lightweight and versatile. This makes it easy to hand, install, remove and update. Depending on your cladding requirements, timber can be used to make a bold statement of used to complement more traditional looks. 

More and more individuals are realising the benefits of composite timber cladding. While initially more costly, many builders have invested in composite decking for their construction projects.

Not only is it an eco-friendly alternative, but its durability and style are also long lasting. Composite timber is erosion, bleaching and cracking resistant. It is also extremely low maintenance and requires little to no care. With a variety of colours and finishes, this wood-plastic composite can be easily matched to a number of looks and styles. 

With decades of collective experience in the timber industry, our staff can happily assist with advice and answer any questions you may have, ensuring you have the right materials for your project.

Bring Life To Your Structure

External cladding acts as a feature to protect buildings, roofs and other structures from the elements. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, cladding has other advantages and benefits to take advantage of.

There is a reason quality timber cladding has garnered the popularity it has. They are often lightweight and easy to install, offering a quick efficient means of adding additional style and protection. In comparison to other solutions, cladding is easy to maintain, requiring only regular washing to keep up its looks and strength. 

Cladding exterior walls helps to protect surfaces against mould, moisture, dirt and stains. Not only does this improve the look of a building, but reduce the chance of damage and degradation.

One of the most prominent reasons many property owners invest in external cladding is their high degree of heat and noise insulation. By reducing heat absorption in Summer and trapping heat in Winter, many properties save on energy consumption.

Additional benefits include:


The Gowan Lea Timbers Difference

As an independent timber yard in Queensland, Gowan Lea Timbers is local timber and external cladding supplier, servicing Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years.

No matter your construction needs, Gowan Lea Timbers are your go-to timber supplier. We have the products, experience, and on-site timber services to help you decide on the best materials for your building and design projects!

From purchasing raw materials to millwork, oiling and delivery, we have a commitment to quality and customer service second to none. Having supplied premium timber to a number of large projects across Australia, our reputation for quality proceeds us!

In addition to our timber supplies, we are also well known for our milling, oiling and delivery services!

Timber For Any Project

Unsure about what you need? Let our team guide you through the decision process and ensure your order is exactly what you need to create a gorgeous exterior. 

Our wide range of products include:

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Premium External Cladding Timber

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No matter what type of project you have, we understand quality timber supplies and service are important. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure you get the most from the experience and ensure the smooth delivery of your project on the Sunshine Coast.


Gowan Lea Timbers is your one-stop shop for top-quality timber and building supplies. With years of experience, we’re the Sunshine Coast’s experts in all things timber!

We have an extensive range of timber products that are perfect for every project – large or small. Whether you need treated timber or composite decking or something else, we have you covered.

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