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Located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Gowan Lea Timbers has been in the timber business for almost 25 years. While we are known for our hardwoods, our timber yard also offers a wide selection of other building materials and supplies such as pine framing, plywood, engineered wood, and fibre cement.

Do you have a home improvement project or are you thinking about building an extension? Don’t know what kind of wood to use? As experts in all things timber, we work with you to provide knowledge and advice on the best timber materials for your project.

Our product range includes:

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The Gowan Lea Timbers Difference

Purchasing timber is a lifelong investment. Ensuring you have the right materials is crucial.  Having provided timber for a number of construction projects, large and small. We work with you to provide the right timber for your project.

Gowan Lea Timbers are dedicated to providing our Sunshine Coast clients the best timber available. From fencing, structural support, boardwalks, and wooden decking, we provide a wide selection of treated timber to meet your diverse requirements.

With a fully integrated, on-site planing shed, we can handle most of your timber dressing, profiling and oiling needs. Additionally, we also offer deliveries directly to your site across the Sunshine Coast and Australia.

We are your go-to timber supplier in Sunshine Coast. Get in touch and visit Gowan Lea Timbers today to learn more about our diverse timber products and services.

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Why Choose Superior Timber Supplies?

When it comes to the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, they need to stand the test of time.

For centuries, wood has proved that it has the necessary resilience and strength while offering unique advantages over steel and concrete. In commercial spaces, wood not only offers outstanding durability but introduces the much-desired aesthetic warmth and style once absent from such cold and harsh environments.

Despite being a lightweight material, timber often outperforms steel when it comes to breaking length, allowing it to support its own weight. Wood has a natural resistance to electrical conduction when effectively dried- often between 7 and 12% for most timber species.

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Why Choose Timber?

Timber in Sunshine Coast is one of the few natural construction materials, that offers a wealth of advantages. These include:


When compared to other construction materials, timber is a readily available and sustainable construction material. This makes it an affordable option ideal for a number of projects, large and small.

Strength and Durability:

Timber is a highly durable material and when well-built and maintained, can last for many years. In comparison to its weight, timber is stronger than most building materials.


With its limitless architectural options, using timber as the primary building material is the best choice. It can be stained, painted, or coated to provide a broad range of finishes to fit any style or sensibility. Some timber species are durable, while others are malleable. Whatever your requirements are, there is a wood that will meet them.

Ease Of Use:

Timber requires little power to work and can be quickly and easily assembled. Timber can be constructed, cute and installed with mechanised tools as well as simple tools. Modern glues ensure strong joints and nails and screws easily added.


The natural appearance and feel of wood is unique to each plank and adds life and warmth to any environment. Timber has an expressive feel and appearance that improves with age. Timber’s look may be modified, improved, or entirely transformed using different paints, oils, and stains.

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