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What is Structural Pine?

Structural Pine Timber is a cost-efficient building material with various benefits and advantages.

It is ideal for outdoor structures and products and is often chosen due to its long-lasting performance and durability- depending on type/grade.

With innovations and advances in the timber manufacturing process, structural pine has become hard-wearing and a highly requested construction material for outdoor structures and design.

This Pine product is an affordable material that can be used for used for a wide range of construction projects. It has the strength to support residential frame construction as well as a soft enough to be malleable and easy to work with.

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Structural Pine Benefits

Structural Pine is becoming an increasingly popular timber as more plantations are established to meet the demand for the product. It boasts a number of benefits making it the ideal building material.

Renewable: Pine in Australia is harvested from plantations that are regulated by government organisations to ensure they are sustainable and have a minimal environmental impact.

As it is harvested from plantations, it lessens our demands on timber from our state forests, thus preserving the natural beauty of Australia.

Easy to Work With: Structural timbers are easier to cut, stain and carve than other natural materials. This reduces the amount of time projects take to complete.

The biggest benefit to working with pine is its acceptance of nails. Some timber materials prove difficult to nail– some of which even require pre-drilled holes.

Resistance to Decay: Pine wood can be treated to resist decay and rot. It is a worth investment for longer-lasting structural pine timber. Unlike steel and other metal construction materials it does not corrode in salt air or heavy industrial environments.

Aesthetic Natural Design: Timber is naturally pleasing to the eye, and little needs to be done to make is beautiful. With its unique grain structure and patterns, structural pine has a unique aesthetic value.

Versatile and Durable: Structural and visual grade pine timber is often chosen for outdoor structures.

Structural pine is hard-wearing and durable, making it an ideal timber to use for structural framing, decking, patios and flooring construction. Additionally, it is better for construction projects that rely on strength and durability, such as flooring, fencing, decking and high-quality furniture. Softwood is best utilised on doors, windows, ceilings and furniture.

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From building a boardwalk through a rainforest to interior flooring, fencing and composite decking, Gowan Lea Timbers are your go-to pine timber suppliers on the Sunshine Coast.

If your job is out of the ordinary, or you’re just not sure what decking timber to use, whether you’re a tradesperson looking for the right timber for a new home or extension, an architect wanting to specify the correct finish or a commercial construction firm with a major build, Gowan Lea Timbers has the products, experience, and on-site timber services to help.

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Gowan Lea Timbers

As an independent timber yard in Queensland, Gowan Lea Timbers are structural pine suppliers on the Sunshine Coast.

We began Gowan Lea Timbers over 25 years ago to address the timber needs on the rapidly growing Sunshine Coast. Starting with two staff members, a forklift, a flat-bed truck, and an office we gained a solid reputation for offering superior pine products. 

We have our own sawmill, a non-CCA treatment plant, kilns, dressing shed, and are able to source custom oil on request.

Known for our quality products, our range also includes hardwood timber such as accoya as well as building product lines such as pine framing, plywood, engineered timber, and fibre cement products.

Our Products

Composite Decking TImber - noosa deck and seat
structural pine - living room

Durable and Superior Quality Structural Pine

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