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What is Merbau Timber?

A magnificent hardwood timber species native to a few areas across the world, Quality Merbau timber is a popular hardwood known for its incredible strength and durability. Merbau, also known as Kwila timber, is also often featured indoors and outdoors as gorgeous entertainment area furniture and timber decking as well as flooring and joinery. 

With years of experience and a reputation built on quality materials and superior service, Gowan Lea Timbers offer an extensive range of quality timber products, ideal for any construction project.

Invest In Merbau Timber

While Merbau Timber is known for its distinct colour and aesthetic, it is also a hard-wearing and robust timber. When properly treated, it is also borer and termite resistant, making it a great structural material. Merbau has a natural class durability rating of 1 above ground and 3 below ground, indicating that it will endure practically a lifetime!

Merbau Timber is an attractive orange-brown when freshly cut that slowly deepens to a beautiful red-brown with age. Due to small yellow mineral deposits, it can be easily distinguished from lookalikes. 

The secret to Merbau timber is the abundance natural oils found within its bark is the reason for its renown as these oils protect the timber from shrinking, cracking and splitting. However, it is important to note that the mineral deposits found within the wood are water-soluble and susceptible to staining.

Despite its strength and durability, Merbau timber is relatively flexible and easy to turn, which is why it is extensively used in furniture and various external construction projects. When properly cared for, a Merbau deck and timber components will last for many years!

Merbau is a great timber option for various projects with natural durability and a beautiful appearance. Get in touch with Gowan Lea Timbers to learn more about our range of merbau timber.

The Benefits Of Merbau Timber

From style, strength, and resistance to wood borers, rot and weathering, there is no questioning why builders choose Merbau for their project. 

Strength and Workability: Merbau is an incredibly solid timber material that is ideal for outdoor applications. While it is not as durable as other hardwoods, it is easy to work with and saw through. As a result, less effort is required when it comes to designing and laying this wood.

Merbau timber, being a class 1 wood, is appropriate for outdoor use, making it an excellent choice for decking boards and outdoor furniture. This is because it is extremely stable and has an usually modest shrinkage/development rate.

Degree of Fire Resistance: Merbau is a fire-resistant timber that does not catch fire readily. As a result, it is suitable for projects in bushfire-prone regions and is excellent for the Australian environment.

Style: Merbau is well-known for its unique orange-brown color, interlocking grain pattern, and its contrasting sapwood, which runs from light yellow to ivory white. However, these tones may be changed and enhanced with oils and stains to fit any desired style or aesthetic.

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