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Red Gum Timber

Red Gum Timber Brisbane: Red Gum timber, prized for its brilliant red color, is an iconic Australian native hardwood timber with a reputation for durability and strength.

Red Gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, is a hardwood species that grows along rivers, creeks and waterways and has historically been used to make canoes, bowls and shields. 

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Why Red Gum Timber?

Red Gum Timber Brisbane

There are a number of reasons why Red Gum is the ideal timber for your construction project. 

Red Gum can be used for a variety of projects. It is especially well-suited to situations requiring high strength while also being visually appealing. Decking, timber mouldings, cladding, pergolas, natural edge timber slabs, and flooring are all examples of this.

Red Gum has the ability to withstand a wide range of harsh environmental elements. You can create timber projects that will last a lifetime!

Red Gum Timber is an iconic Australian tree that yields attractive timber. It has a distinctive red colouring that ranges from a light pink to a dark red and a near black. If left untreated this timber may age into a silvery grey over time. This range of colours makes it easy to fit into a variety of designs and styles.

 It is always beneficial to check on available red gum stock as each shipment will differ in colour and appearance.

These hallmark tones can be further enhanced with finishing products such as oils and stains. It takes stan easily nad can be polished and sanded to a superb finish. An interlocked grain and visible gum veins are best showcased in furniture and aesthetic applications. 

As Red Gum is a slow growing wood, it produces a timber that is dense and durable. Red Gum is simple to work with both hand and machine tools, and its lifetime value only improves with age.

Red Gum Timber:
The Benefits?

Red Gum Timber Brisbane

Strong and durable, Red Gum timber slabs is a popular construction timber often used in both exterior and interior projects. There are a variety of benefits including:

Strength: With an average moisture content and stress grade rating Class of 1 above ground and a Class 2 of in-ground contact, red gum is the ideal decking timber for Australian homes.

Due to its durability, the hard-wearing red gum timber is ideal for high traffic areas making red gum decking and flooring popular in commercial and domestic builds. It is the ideal timber for large construction projects. Common applications include house framing, cladding, lining and internal and external flooring.

Although the appearance of red gums can vary slightly, its strength and durability remains consistent. Red gum is known to last a lifetime!

Rot and Termite Resistant: Red Gum timber has high-density levels with a strong natural resistance to termites and does not need additional termite treatments. This makes it a great option when building in areas prone to termites.

Degree of Fire Resistance: Red Gum timber has a degree of fire resistance and is the recommended material for construction in bushfire prone regions.

Therefore, they are perfect for roof and garden construction projects, especially if you live in a fire-prone area.

Style: Red Gum is an extremely attractive wood with a vibrant red colour that may vary slightly. The natural appeal and colour of Red Gum timber leads to some stunning architectural and design applications.

Hardwood vs Softwood

Red Gum Timber Brisbane

Red Gum timber is a distinctive hardwood prized for its colour, strength and durability. Different construction projects call for different kinds of timber supplies. Both hardwood and softwood are used for everything from structural to decorative projects.

It is important to note that soft and hardwood timber are distinguished in nature in terms of their reproduction rather than their end appearance and attributes.

The trees from which hardwood is obtained tend to be slower growing, meaning the wood is usually denser. Hardwood comes from broad-leaved trees such as Spotted Gum Timber, Red Gum Timber, and Merbau etc. Softwood is harvested from trees that produce cones and seeds such as pines and cedars. 

Hardwood is considered to be the most versatile construction material. Applications range from gorgeous furniture, musical instruments, flooring, construction and boatbuilding. It is a material of durability and beauty. It is available in countless combinations of species, specifications and colours.

Hardwoods provide superior strength and durability due to their slow growth and condensed more complex structure.

Hardwood timber tends to be more resilient than softwoods and is reserved for projects that require maximum durability. They are frequently used in high-strength, long-lasting construction projects such as flooring, fencing, decking, and high-quality furniture.

Softwood is renowned for its versatility and strength.  This timber has a large variety of applications and a known for their aesthetic appeal. Softwood can be used across for both internal and external projects – from furniture and flooring to decking, landscaping and structural applications.

They are a flexible timber and are lighter in weight and less dense than most hardwoods. Softwoods are most commonly used for interior mouldings, windows production and generating sheet materials such as plywood. Softwood is best utilised on doors, windows, ceilings and furniture.

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Red Gum Timber Brisbane

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Red Gum Timber Brisbane

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Red Gum Timber Brisbane

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