Certified Timber

Consumers are increasingly demanding that the timber and wood products they buy come from sustainably managed sources and are certified.

Gowan Lea Timbers is committed to providing our clients with the option to purchase timber from sustainable sources: planted, grown and harvested in accordance with the strictest codes of practice and consistent with the world’s leading environmental standards.

If this is what you want, always buy certified timber and timber products.

Gowan Lea Timbers Pty Ltd offers a range of 100% Chain of Custody certified timber products including:

  • Structural sawn hardwood and poles
  • Hardwood decking, screening and T&G flooring
  • Engineered wood products and pine framing
  • KD hardwood
  • Plywood & particle board flooring
  • Pine mouldings
  • Cypress

We are particularly proud of our green hardwood mill (Mary Valley Timbers) who have recently achieved Chain of Custody Certification under the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFS Certification # 466). AFS is the only forest certification scheme recognized under Australian Standard AS 4707:2006. To our knowledge, no other green hardwood mill in SEQ has achieved this standard.

All of our sawn hardwood is sourced from sustainably managed forests within a 200km radius of our Gympie sawmill. This contributes to the economic growth of local communities and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with heavy transport.

For more information about the sustainability benefits of using timber and timber certification schemes see:


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