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External Cladding Brisbane

With a clean, natural aesthetic, external cladding for Brisbane properties can transform the exterior of any building.

External cladding is a building system that is used to cover the external walls and roof of a building, much like a second skin and offere builders the ultimate walling solution. Although they do not have any structural function, external cladding helps protects buildings from weather conditions, provides noise control, insulation and gives a natural aesthetic. 

In addition to providing exterior protection, timber cladding systems provide an additional aesthetic appeal to a structure, making it a popular flourish for many property owners and builders.

Gowan Lea Timbers specialise in traditional and composite timber as well as fibre cement cladding materials. With your building needs and requirements in mind, we are experts that ensure you quality service and timber products. Get in touch today for more information!

Why Wood For External Cladding?

Durable. Versatile. Gorgeous.

As a long-standing and popular construction material, timber cladding is an effective way of protecting the exterior walls of a structure.

No other cladding material can offer the design freedom, ease of handling and natural beauty of traditional timber. With the ability to seamlessly integrates into variety of styles and aesthetics, timber cladding is seen as a superior choice

The Benefits of External Cladding

External Cladding For Brisbane Propeties

Offering effortless style, durability and functionality, external cladding adds tremendous value to any structure. Due to a number of fantastic benefits, external timber cladding makes a fantastic choice and solution for architects and designers alike.

In comparison to other cladding materials timber is relatively lightweight, making handling easy and installation efficient. This also makes it easy to change, update and remove as styles change and you evolve.

Its versatility makes it easy to match or complement the existing style of a building. Depending on your vision external cladding can be subtly and seamlessly blend in or provide a bold statement, adding additional aesthetic value.

Similar to other timber structures, if properly treated, cared for and maintained, external cladding can last for years. Many treated timber products are highly resistant to environmental factors such as weather, moisture and rot. 

Buildings with timber cladding enjoy the added benefit of thermal and noise insulation. External cladding will effectively trap heat to provide a warmer environment during the winter months, helping you save on energy bills.

Holding decades of collective experience, our staff hold an in-depth knowledge of everything timber and external cladding. We can happily assist with advice and answer any questions you may have, ensuring you have the right materials for your project.

Our Products

Timber For Any Project

Unsure about what you need? Let our team guide you through the decision process and ensure your order is exactly what you need to create a gorgeous exterior.

Our wide range of products include:

External Cladding Brisbane - cladded house
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External Cladding Brisbane

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