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There is no doubt that a deck can transform an outdoor space into a retreat for enjoying the gorgeous Brisbane weather. With a range of styles, colours and benefits, composite decking for Brisbane home are the ideal low maintenance decking solution!

Made from a combination of wood fibres, plastics and bonding agents composite decking timber is a durable and maintenance free alternative to traditional timber. This makes it ideal for external construction projects such as decking, flooring, cladding and fencing.

With years of experience, Gowan Lea Timber is an award-winning timber supplier offering a range of composite decking materials for individuals and builders alike. With a dedication to better serve our customers we offer comprehensive advice, ensuring you have all you need to the best timber choice for your project. 

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Feel The Difference With Composite Decking In Brisbane

More and more individuals are realising the benefits of composite decking over traditional timber in Brisbane. When it comes to deciding on a timber material for your outdoor building project, composite decking offers a range of exciting benefits. Where some are drawn to its low maintenance, others enjoy the long-lasting beauty and durability that composite decking is well known for.

Unlike traditional timber, composite decking is much less susceptible to erosion, sun bleaching and overall degradation. As a low maintenance material, it only ever needs the occasional sweep!

With a variety of colours and finishes, composite decking can seamlessly blend with a variety of architectural and build styles without sacrificing performance and durability. From modern and contemporary to warm and traditional, there is a composite decking product for you!

As the world moves towards eco-consciousness, more and more builders are in search of sustainable construction materials. Composite decking is designed with sustainability in mind. Made up of a mix of plastic, timber and binding agents, Trex composite decking helps save over 180 million kilograms of plastic and wood from landfills!

If you have a question regarding one of our composite decking solutions or simply need installation advice – feel free to get in touch. We are happy to assist!

What You Can Do

Versatile, easy to work with and simple to install, composite timber is not just for decking! From flooring and wall panelling to fencing and cladding – composite timber is  perfect for every outdoor application.

Wall Cladding

Composite timber decking offers all the beauty and style of natural timber without the need for regular maintenance, repair and replacement. Composite wall cladding is the ultimate solution for protecting exterior walls. Combining its strength and longevity, you can achieve a gorgeous, all-weather facade without sacrificing quality or durability!

Composite Screens and Fences

Built to last, composite timber offers a beautiful solution to your screen and fencing requirements. With the strength of composite timber and the look of traditional lumber, you can create a rustic new look for your home without any hassle!

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Composite Decking & More

Decks are a great way to extend your indoor living space, outdoors. Not only do they increase the aesthetic value of your home but its resale value as well. 

With over 240 years of combined experience, the team at Gowan Lea Timbers are bona fide timber experts. We work with you to discuss your vision, plans and construction needs ensuring you have the best timber and building materials to get your project started!

Renowned for our hardwoods, our range also includes Accoya timber, certified timber, and building product lines such as pine framing, plywood, engineered timber, and fibre cement products.

Our product range includes:

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Composite Decking Brisbane

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No matter what type of project you have, we understand quality timber supplies and service are important. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure you get the most from the experience and ensure the smooth delivery of your project on the Sunshine Coast.


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We have an extensive range of timber products that are perfect for every project – large or small. Whether you need treated timber or composite decking or something else, we have you covered.

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