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Marcoola Queensland 4564

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Products and Services

Most people know us for our premium quality hardwood from our mill, but we actually supply a complete range of timber and associated building products as outlined below.


We have a fully integrated machine shop on-site that can undertake all of your timber dressing and profiling requirements.  We can also pre-coat your timber with qualtiy timber oil to save you time and mess on-site.


We specialise in big, complicated and difficult projects, so if your job out of the ordinary, give us a go at it – it’s what we do best!


Unseasoned Hardwood


  • All sizes of sawn, sized and dressed structural hardwood
  • All sawn hardwood is graded to minimum F17 and ACQ treated to H4
  • Dressed screening material
  • “Superdeck” and commercial decking
  • Handrail and balustrade components
  • Step treads
  • Hardwood building poles
  • Bridge timbers
  • Landscape and fencing materials


Seasoned & Kiln Dried Hardwood


  • Kiln dried structural hardwood (F17/F27)
  • Kiln dried decking and screening
  • Tongue and groove solid and overlay hardwood flooring
  • All hardwood architectural cladding (shiplap, chamfer etc)
  • Handrail and balustrade components
  • Specialty and select grade furniture timbers


All Composite Decking & Screening


Specialty Timbers


  • Specialty Timbers
  • Fine Furniture and cabinetry timbers
  • Boat building timbers
  • Laminated timber bench tops etc




  • KD Pine framing and structural timbers
  • Outdoor treated pine
  • Pre-primed and raw FJ mouldings, fascia and fix-out timbers
  • Handrail and balustrade components
  • CCA pine fencing and landscape material
  • VJ and T&G pine pannelling
  • Sawn, sized and dressed Cypress


Engineered Wood Products


  • LVL/LGL beams
  • I-Joists
  • Laminated pine beams (17C)
  • Laminated hardwood beams (18C & 21C etc)




  • All external, feature and joinery doors
  • All interior doors
  • Cavity, bi-fold, robe & pre-hung doors
  • Certified commercial fire doors
  • Door hardware


Plywood and Floor Sheets


  • Structural & non-structural ply
  • Bracing ply
  • T&G particle board flooring
  • T&G Ply floor
  • T&G FC flooring (int & ext)
  • Compressed FC sheeting
  • FC tile underlay


Cladding (internal and external)


  • All treated plywood exterior cladding (Shadowclad, Weathertex etc)
  • All Hardie’s exterior cladding (Scyon, Matrix, Linea etc)
  • All hardwood architectural cladding (Shiplap, Chamfer etc)
  • All CSR 'Cemintel' range
  • All 4.5mm and 6mm FC sheets  
  • Weatherboards, Shiplap and Chamfer
  • “Blueboard”, Villaboard etc




  • Full range of SS and Gal nuts, bolts, nails and screws
  • Post supports
  • Joist hangers
  • Triple grips and multi grips
  • Threaded rod
  • Timber coatings
  • Cement and concrete products
  • Adhesives and gap fillers
  • Timber stains and oils


Wood Machining and Dressing (onsite)


  • Dressed All Round (DAR)
  • Sized
  • Profiling & rebating
  • Custom profiles
  • Laminating and sanding


Custom Services


  • Timber Oiling
  • Timber Treatment




"It comes down to experience more than anything. Obviously we look for competitive pricing, like most businesses; but more importantly, the company wants suppliers and subcontractors who actually know what they are talking about."

Chris Stevenson, Project Manager, Hutchinson Builders

"Supply time on short contract periods was critical and we found Gowan Lea Timbers worked hard to satisfy the project timing and quality requirements. They also provided a proactive and appropriate response to site issues that arose from time to time through the project."

Rob Mowatt, Director and Construction Manager. ARK Construction Group Pty Ltd

"The personalised service we receive is particularly important to us as our project managers know that they will talk to the same person every time they ring, and that they can quickly get a response to urgent requests for material or information."

Bob Longworth, Operations Manager. Calty Constructions