Premium Quality Ironbark Timber

Premium Ironbark Timber

Ironbark timber is a beautiful and high-quality native Australian hardwood that comes in a variety of species and has a wide range of applications and uses ranging from industrial building to house framing and flooring. Ironbark timber is a hardy and long-lasting wood that is resistant to borer and termites.

Gowan Lea Timbers has built a reputation as a top ironbark decking and timber supply company with years of expertise and a number of projects completed. Our high-quality ironbark timber is available throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Why Invest In Ironbark?

Ironbark timber is hard-wearing and durable timber that is borer and termite resistant. Additionally, ironbark timber has a Class 1 Durability rating. As the highest timber durability raring, ironbark is projected to last for 50+ years in a fully protected area and 50+ years outside above the ground. Class 1 timber will last 25+ years if it is in the ground, such as decking and patio poles.

Not only is ironbark durable, but it is timber with a unique and gorgeous finish. The colour of ironbark timber ranges from dark red to dark brown to pale brown. Common ironbark, on the other hand, has a reddish hue.

With a dedication to better serve our customers, we supply high performing composite decking solutions to individuals and businesses alike.  If you have a question regarding one of our ironbark timber or simply need installation advice – feel free to get in touch. We are happy to assist!

Ironbark Timber:
The Benefits?

With their, incredible durability and resistance to fire, rot and termites, there is no doubting the long history of use in Australia.

Strength: Due to its durability, the hard-wearing Ironbark is ideal for high traffic areas making Ironbark decking and flooring popular in commercial and domestic builds. It is the ideal timber for large construction projects, such as house framing, cladding, lining and internal and external flooring.

Rot and Insect Resistant: Ironbark timber has high-density levels with a strong natural resistance to lyctid borers and termites. This makes it a great option when building in areas prone to termites and other natural borers.

Degree of Fire Resistance: Ironbark Timber is the recommended timber for construction in bushfire-prone regions, as it is not easily flammable and fire-resistant.

Style: The natural appeal and range of colours of Ironbark lead to some beautiful architectural and design applications.

Ironbark Timber Applications

Decking: Ironbark timber decks are a practical and attractive addition to any outdoor patio space. These timber decks blend seamlessly with the environment and will serve as gorgeous entertainment areas for years to come.

As an external structure with hight traffic and carrying large loads of traffic, ironbark timber decking are the ideal construction material. 

Flooring: Ironbark timber flooring has proven to be a timeless product that offers warmth and natural beauty.

Whether for structural or decorative flooring applications, ironbark timber offers durability, versatility and adaptability. The aesthetic and strength of timber flooring have proved to be popular in a wide variety of interior settings.

Fencing: The appeal and strength of ironbark make for the obvious choice in fencing construction projects.  Not only does ironbark fencing flow seamlessly with the outside environment, it remains structurally sound for years to come!

Landscaping and Pergolas: The natural appeal, strength and versatility of ironbark timber make it an ideal choice for retaining walls and various landscaping applications. 

Ironbark pergolas offer an attractive and economical way to create a functional outdoor living and entertainment spaces. Its resistance to fire and rot, make it ideal for outdoor construction projects.

The Gowan Lea Timbers Difference

Gowan Lea Timbers are dedicated to providing our Sunshine Coast and Brisbane clients with the best timber and timber advice available. As such, we work with you to provide knowledge and advice on the best timber materials for your project.

We can handle most of your timber dressing and profiling requirements, saving you on time, hassle and mess!

Our Products

Ironbark Timber

With an extensive range of timber products and services, our clients are spoilt for choice! In addition to premium quality ironbark, our range also includes Accoya timber, certified timber, and building product lines such as pine framing, plywood, engineered timber, and fibre cement products.


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