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Gowan Lea Timbers are a leading hardwood timber supplier. Offering an extensive range of materials, we have everything you need for your project

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Looking For Quality Hardwood?

Whether you are renovating or building something new, Hardwood timber is the way to go. With a host of benefits, it is no wonder hardwood timber supplies are one of the most popular building materials! 

If you are looking for quality hardwood timber, Gowan Lea Timbers have got you covered! We maintain an extensive range of diverse hardwood timber in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Whether you are looking for a few pieces of premium timber for your DIY project or thousands of boards for large-scale commercial projects, we are an award-winning hardwood timber supplier that works to exceed your expectations.

Choosing a timber solution for your next cladding, panelling or decking construction project doesn’t need to be as complex as it seems! Get in touch with our team today, and we can help you find the perfect material for your needs and budget.

Hardwood Timber Supplies For Every Need

Consider Hardwood For Your Next Project

From decking and windows to flooring and decking, the range of hardwood timber uses not only demonstrates its versatility, but also its natural strength and enduring appeal.

Hardwood applications include:

Joinery: Hardwood timber joinery products add a distinctive and fashionable touch to any interior or outdoor design. These are manufactured for a number of applications such as door and window frames, cabinets, skirtings, mouldings, and gorgeous railings.

Decking: Hardwood timber decks are a functional and aesthetically pleasing enhancement to any outdoor patio space. These durable timber decks blend in with the surroundings and will provide beautiful entertainment spaces for years to come.

Flooring: Hardwood wooden flooring has proven to be a timeless product that provides warmth and natural beauty even in high-traffic areas.

Hardwood timber offers durability, versatility, and adaptability in structural and decorative flooring applications. Timber flooring’s beauty and strength have proven to be attractive in a broad range of interior applications.

Fencing: Hardwood is a natural option for fence construction projects due to its appeal and resilience. Hardwood fence not only blends in with the surrounding landscape, but it is also structurally sound for years to come!

Landscaping and Pergolas: The natural appeal, strength and versatility of hardwood makes it an ideal choice for structures such as retaining walls and various landscaping applications. 

Hardwood pergolas offer an attractive and economical way to create a functional outdoor living and entertainment spaces. Its resistance to fire and rot, make it ideal for outdoor construction projects.

Your Hardwood Timber Suppliers For More That 25 Years

Why Choose Gowan Lea Timbers?

From humble beginnings, Gowan Lea Timbers is an independent timber yard in Queensland, providing premium timber supplies to residential and commercial builders alike. With more than 25 years of timber experience, we have a passion for providing the highest quality hardwood products.

We understand that not every customer is a master woodworker with the necessary knowledge and equipment to transform wood into a beautiful product. When you have questions, we have the answers to help you make the best decisions for your timber construction projects.

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Is Your Hardwood Certified?

A Sustainable Timber Choice

Gowan Lea Timbers are also proud to stock a comprehensive range of environmentally conscious and certified timber products. Our certified timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality and environmentally friendly.

By purchasing certified timber from us, you are playing an important role in supporting sustainable and renewable timber production, as well as mitigating the effects of climate change! To learn more about our range of certified and composite timber, get in touch with Gowan Lea Timbers today.

What Are The Benefits Of Hardwood TImber?

Choose Hardwood Timber Today

Hardwood is a naturally more durable timber material than softwood and is widely used for a variety of outdoor and indoor construction projetcs. In addition to this enhanced strength and durability, hardwood timber boasts a variety of advantages, including:


Hardwood is an easy to clean and maintain material making it an ideal option for flooring in both residential and commercial spaces.

As a hard-wearing timber, it only requires regular sweeping and mopping ensuring it will look beautiful for generations. 


As a result of its density, hardwood timber supplies are an extremely durable and hard-wearing wood. Each variety boasts unique benefits and advantages.

Arguably the most common type of hardwood timber, Oak is widely used for construction and furniture, where cherry hard wood is best utilised in flooring and furniture.


With an expansive species range, hardwood timber supplies can be purchased in a variety of grain and colours. This makes it easy to match to a ny décor and construction style.

Its natural grain makes each board and plank unique, ensuring a one-of-a-kind project.


Hardwood is often seen as and expensive construction material. However, you get what you pay for. Their strength and durability is unparalleled, ensuring you get the maximum return on your onvestent. Building with cheaper alternatives can only cost more in the long run with repair and maintenance costs.

Hardwood timber supplies is a worthy investment to make, and with the proper care, will last a lifetime. 

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