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The Case For Composite Decking

With a long lifespan, impressive durability and a little need for maintenance, Trex composite decking is an ideal eco-friendly decking alternative to traditional wood. Buy Trex Decking from Sunshine Coast’s award-winning suppliers, Gowan Lea TImbers.

Made with 95% recycled materials in an eco-friendly manufacturing process, this composite wood does not rot, splinter or stain! Offering a vast selection of colour and styles, what’s not to love about Trex decking timber?

As the Sunshine Coast’s leading timber supplier we have a commitment to supporting responsible and sustainable timber supplies in Australia. We have taken steps to stock and distribute a range of Trex decking supplies that is durable, long lasting and good looking. 

What is Trex Decking?

Trex Decking For Your Sunshine Coast Home

Although many builders prefer the natural look and feel of traditional wood, Trex timber has become a popular decking supply for many Sunshine Coast construction projects, due to its low maintenance and durability.

Composite timber is manufactured as a mix of wood and plastic waste such as the plastic packaging for paper towels and toilet paper, dry cleaner bags, newspaper bags, grocery and shopping bags. Consisting of 95% recycled materials, Trex, the largest supplier of composite decking timber keeps millions of kilograms of plastic waste out of the ocean and landfills each year. 

Unlike traditional wood, this groundbreaking formula makes Trex timber will not warp, rot peel and is completely termite resistant, while also creating minimal impact on the environment.

Why Trex Decking?

Local Trex Decking Suppliers

Many customers look for in modern sustainable, timber alternatives. Built on eco-friendly values, quality and durability, Trex’s decking timber is the ideal solution for any builder, architect or designer in search of an environmentally conscious and high-quality timber supply.

Trex places safety as a top priority and has undergone extensive third-party testing to ensure compliance and is up to date with most building codes and standards.

Not only is this composite timber utilising an innovative blend of materials, it also boasts one of the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes around through reclaiming factory waste and the elimination of harmful chemicals. offering peace of mind that consumers are truly making an environmentally responsible choice. 

Trex Decking:
The Benefits?

Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Trex decking is one of the preferred outdoor timber alternatives for builders and designers alike. This timber comes with a range of benefits, namely;

Safety: Trex timber requires no nails to install and secure, making it barefoot safe. Additionally, it is slip resistant making cleaning a breeze! As it is a wood alternative it does not splinter and safe to use for decking.

Eco-Friendly: One of the most important considerations when building, is the environment. In recent years people have become more aware of threats to the environment. Trex is made from 95% recycled materials and its manufacturing process is equally eco conscious.

Cost-Effective: Despite costly upfront, composite decking proves to be a worthy investment. Trex is a long lasting and durable material that will last for years to come. It is water resistance and low maintenance, makes it ideal for outdoor construction projects.

Style and Aesthetic: In recent years, builders and designers are choosing to bring the outdoors in. By including natural elements that add warm, neutral colours, the timber-look aesthetic of composite decking adds a relaxing, contemporary feel to any project.

Strength: Trex is known to be a high performance timber. It is an extremely strong and durable material that lasts longer than most natural timbers. Where real timber wears down over time, Trex is able to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions, while remaining fully termite resistant.

Gowan Lea Timbers

The Gowan Lea Difference

With a decade of combined experience, Gowan Lea Timbers are a local timber supplier, providing natural and composite timber alternatives for big and small construction projects alike.  We pride ourselves on giving you the best timber experience and service that keeps you coming back! 

Gowan Lea Timbers have a solid track record within the timber industry, having supplied wood for numerous large scale construction projects – From Noosa Boardwalk to The Mother Whale at Hervey Bay Cultural Centre.

Offering the best of the best in decking, get buy your Trex decking today!

Our Timber Services

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We understand that no all of our clients are master wood workers with the necessary equipment to transform their raw timber material into a gorgeous finished product. This is why, in addition to our timber products we offer onsite milling, cutting and oiling, eliminating the stress and mess of doing it at home!

Certified Timber & More

Quality Timber. Outstanding Service.

Through strong partnerships and expert industry knowledge, our focus is to provide quality products and services to our customers.

Whether you are a tradesman, builder, landscaper or personal DIYer, you can trust Gowan Lea Timbers to provide you with timber of the highest standard.

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Buy Trex Decking Sunshine Coast

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