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What is Accoya Timber?

Accoya Timber Suppliers Sunshine Coast: Accoya Timber begins as a fast-growing, plantation Pine tree in New Zealand and is harvested when it reaches maturity as the 30-year mark. It is then milled and dried, then goes through a special treatment process called acetylation, which reduced the wood’s ability to absorb water by as much as 80%. This chemical process creates an extremely stable and durable wood.

This Timber is rot-resistant, durable across a wide variety of environments and requires less maintenance as opposed to traditional hardwood. This processed timber retains its durability and stability no matter how it is cut, drilled or installed- making it the ideal timber for window frames, doors facades, cladding and decking.

Accoya Wood is a class 1 durable wood and surpasses even the most durable hardwood

What are the Benefits?

Accoya Wood Suppliers Sunshine Coast

Built on technical and scientific innovation, performance and sustainability, Accoya Timber has changed the way we think about timber supplies. It boasts a myriad of benefits, from improved strength and safety to reduced toxicity.

Environmentally Friendly: Accoya is created through the completely natural process of acetylation. This strengthens the cell structure of the wood, making it more durable and long-lasting.

The acetylation process requires oxygen, hydrogen and acetyl group chemicals to create this reinforcement. These elements do not pose any risk as they are all organically produced by the wood itself, making it an eco-friendly construction option and completely non-toxic.

Rot and Insect Resistant: The manufacturing process required to make Accoya reduces the wood’s ability to absorb moisture by as much as 80%. This makes Accoya Timber highly rot, insect attack, mould and fungi resistant and improves the wood’s resilience to harmful external factors.

The manufacturing process makes it so that insects and fungi do not recognise Accoya Timber as a food source. This makes it perfect for areas that are prone to wood eating species such as termites.

Accoya is guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater.

Durable And Less Toxic: Traditional wood treatments can contain harmful chemicals which all have a negative consequences on the environment when in use and even more so when being disposed of.

Accoya eliminates the need for toxic chemical treatments by creating an uninhabitable environment for fungi, bacteria and viruses. Accoya TImber manufacturing is a natural process, and uses elements organically produced by the wood.


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Accoya Wood Suppliers Sunshine Coast

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Accoya Wood Suppliers Sunshine Coast

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